Get to Know You Book Tag // Ft. The Best Books I’ve Ever Read

I just realized that I never properly introduced myself??*

Which is lowkey unsurprising (yes I’m somewhat unfriendly, what about it)? So today I’ll be doing the Get to Know You book tag (it’s actually the Get to Know Ya book tag but I will not say ‘ya’).

*also I just realized that this is to just get to know my bookish tastes and not my non-bookish interests, oh well

favorite book of all time

This is honestly the worst question to ask a reader. I just can’t CHOOSE? Instead I’ll just list some of my all-time favorites down below (okay this took too long but I do not regret it 😌).

The Weight of the Stars ☾ I have the vague notion that I’ve been mentioning this way too much but I just love this so much πŸ’– I will never shut up about this until everyone has read it. just kidding. but seriously, read it. I loved how the found family trope was woven into the story and for once, the space-y aspect of a book was actually interesting to read about. I basically loved every single thing about this and desperately need a reread soon!!

The Henna Wars ☾ this was such a fluffy story (though it had some heavy discussions) with banter, sisters, and an adorable romance that was written beautifully. alkdjfl I love this so much <33

Cemetery Boys ☾ I’m just so soft for this book. there were chaotic gays and cinnamon rolls and ghosts–what more could I ask for??

The Mirror Season ☾ this is such an important story everyone should get to read (and I may or may not have broken down crying several times while reading this).

I’ll Be the One ☾ and last but not least, this ridiculously adorable contemporary that owns my heart πŸ’•

I just realized I forgot to include The Boy Who Steals Houses rip πŸ’” but that’s also one of my favorite books of all time, and I can’t recommend it enough!!

favorite book five years ago

I clearly remember being obsessed with Percy Jackson & the Olympians / the Riordanverse and The Land of Stories series! I read almost all of Riordan’s books in a year, and then I found The Land of Stories and instantly loved it (I mean, who can resist a story that blends reality with fairytales??).

favorite series

My favorite series will forevermore be The Poppy War trilogy. The first book broke me, the second shattered me, and the third one might as well have ground me into dust. It’s just so, so good, and so full of pain πŸ₯Ί


last book you read

I just finished Iron Heart by Nina Varela! Considering how good Crier’s War was, I had high expectations for this one, and thankfully, it did not disappoint ❀️ ahh Crier & Ayla, my favorite sapphics!!

last anthology you read

This question was originally asking for the last poetry book I read, but since I barely ever read poetry, I decided to do anthologies instead!

The last anthology I read was Up All Night, a collection of short stories between sunset to sunrise! I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to (though two of the stories were in the horror/thriller genre and I kind of skimmed over them because I wanted to be able to sleep that night??).

I really need to read some more anthologies.

what book most influenced your life?

Darius the Great Is Not Okay is also one of my all-time favorites (ahh I keep repeating books but no I’m not sorry)! It’s such an immersive cultural experience, and just,,, I loved everything about it? But ultimately, the way it discussed sadness was so well-written and the themes that were intricately woven into the story are so, so important.

book that made you ugly cry?

Most of the books I’ve mentioned have made me cry, but this one especially. At its core, Starfish is a story about trauma, discovery, and accepting yourself. It’s so beautiful but heartbreakingly sad. and I love sad books and this was too sad but in a good way. I was not fine :’)

book that made you laugh

Ahh yay I get to fit in this one here. The Boy Who Steals Houses is possibly one of the best books with banter ever. I laughed out loud so many times while reading this and I just loved!! it!!

book so good you dreamt about it

I don’t dream (either that or I just forget them) haha. . . NEXT.

book you dnf’ed

I’ve DNF’ed The Raven Boys twice so far. I tried SO hard to like it but I just. couldn’t?? I’d rather hang out with a loaf of bread than with Blue and the boys were sad pancakes of characters. It was so unbearable that I quit it less than 20% in.

And YES. I also quit The Hunger Games. I DNF’ed this a while ago and can’t remember anything special about it. Only that it made me hungry. and mad because I was not liking it.

what book are you most excited to read?

I cannot wait for The Infinity Courts, The Ones We’re Meant to Find, and Gearbreakers!!

The Infinity Courts because Starfish was absolutely AMAZING. And this one also sounds very very good.

The Ones We’re Meant to Find sounds painful and heartwrenching and I am here for it!!

According to the author, Gearbreakers is “mechas and mecha swordfights and wlw-pining disaster girls who like tattooing each other as a form of affectionβ„’.” Please how can I not anticipate this???

what books are you most excited to read? have you ever dreamt about a book before?? what was the last book you read?

also look who finally remembered to add her sign-off 😏 & if you haven’t done this tag yet, I tag YOU!

44 thoughts on “Get to Know You Book Tag // Ft. The Best Books I’ve Ever Read

  1. You know, I honestly just know Katie so much better now. She could never finish two of my favourites so we can’t be friends anymore…

    Haha I know I’m very funny. I’m of course kidding and with those two specifically you do need a special taste. But The Hunger Games is like THE fave of mine and I’m going to convince you why it’s amazing hehe *wink wink*

    Of the others you mentioned, I’ve only read PJO and The Boy Who Steals Houses, both of which are faves of mine. But so so so pumped to read the others, especially The Poppy War and Darius and Cemetery Boys. Also so pumped for Gearbreakers to come out because it sounds so good. All the love for you <3<3

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    1. ruby,,, :’) noo the hunger games is one of the worst series of all time and no one can convince me otherwise 😏

      yess i’m so glad you love them!! ahh all of them are so so good and you should read them soon! and gearbreakers too !! i hope you love it too ❀

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  2. Yes The Weight of the Stars is on my tbr thanks to you and I’m incredibly excited for the found family and space elements… ahh PJO! And The Poppy War, the hype for it is driving me nuts, making me have the urge to abandon all my current books and get myself a copy! So many good books here Katie, lovely post! πŸ’–πŸ’–

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  3. Now, who doesn’t love the Percy Jackson books? The series are like, un-hateable (is that even a word?) And Katie, I am so glad you don’t like the Hunger Games! I hate book shaming but I just can’t stand reading the Hunger Games with Katniss being so annoying and stupid (along with Peeta and Gale).
    Loved the list (;

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  4. LOVE this post Katie!! What a fun tag!! I actually just finished reading Jinxed by Amy Mcculloch and it was so good!! I’ve heard a lot about The Weight of the Stars, and I’m all for the hard and soft sci-fi + found family!! Hope the reading is going well 😁

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  5. ahh, katie!! i loved reading your answers to these questions!! my copies of the poppy war are in the mail, and i’m SO excited for them to arrive because i’ve only been hearing good things about the series!! gearbreakers sounds SO SO good, and i heard that it’s an enemies-to-lovers as well!! i do have a copy of cemetery boys, but i just haven’t gotten around to reading it yet? so once school gives me a break, i will def be checking that out!! the themes of family, and finding yourself in the henna wars made me so emotional ahh πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί and i feel like a lot of people adore the relationship between nishat and priti – but i also love how the relationship between her parents, and her evolve, and all the little things they do close to the end because they love her so much!! πŸ₯°πŸ₯Ί

    i loved this post so much, katie!! πŸ’–πŸ’–

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    1. ahh ahaana i’m so glad you enjoyed it haha! omg i hope you love it as much as i do (and the covers are so gorgeous)!!! yess i’m so excited for gearbreakers because asian sapphics = my weakness. cemetery boys was also so cute ❀ that's exactly how i feel about the henna wars too!!

      thank you ahaana!! ❀

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  6. Oh, this is a cool tag! Hahaaa asking readers what their favorite book is is indeed torture. There are so many books on here that I haven’t read, I really need to catch up! *Glances at giant tbr* haha yeah we’ll see when that ever happens.
    Anyways, this is an awesome post and I’m always so happy whenever I see one of your posts show up in my reader!

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  7. Books I am looking forward to that will coming out later will be the rest of the Nevermoor seires- I learned that it will be 9 books last year.

    However, most on the list already came out (I believe_:

    1. Jane Eyre
    2. Wuthering Heights
    3.Tripio- a ficitional story based on the earlier days of Starbucks. It has a fuller title, but don’t know the entire name
    4. Hard Times
    5. Kidnapped
    6. Gulliver’s Travels
    7.To Kill a Mockingbird
    8. Etc…..- meaning the ones I don’t know the names of on my Kindle

    Not all, but some:

    last book I read: House of Many Ways

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