40 of My Most Anticipated Book Releases for the Second Half of 2021 (July-December)!

You know what time it is! Time to add more books to your TBR!!

Books are releasing too quickly and my tbr cannot handle the overload of new ones, but I always love obsessing over new books . . . you know how it is :’) I’m lowkey obsessing over all the people of color on these covers, and let’s please ignore how the number of books on my tbr slowly surpassed my ‘read’ shelf while making this post. look away

I spent way too much time on this blog post, but there are so many amazing books coming out and I just had to write an anticipated releases post. Do I regret it? Maybe.

All books are in order of release date, all covers link to their respective Goodreads pages, and I have to point out how September looks like it’s going to be a good month in terms of the number of releases (oh god there are too many).


Kiki Kallira Breaks a Kingdom Rise to the Sun Six Crimson Cranes Summer in the City of Roses There's Magic Between Us

Kiki Kallira Breaks a Kingdom (7/6) ☾ this is a new middle grade novel about an anxious girl who accidentally brings her drawings of Indian myths and legends to life, and it looks too good to be true!

Rise to the Sun (7/6) ☾ this is about two girls at a music festival who (might) fall in love, and although I haven’t read You Should See Me in a Crown yet, I’m more than willing to give this a try 👀

Six Crimson Cranes (7/6) ☾ a new East Asian folklore-inspired series from Elizabeth Lim about forbidden magic, curses, and paper cranes!!

Summer in the City of Roses (7/6) ☾ this is inspired by a Greek myth and a Grimm fairy tale set in Portland and it sounds like it’s going to be everything!

There’s Magic Between Us (7/6) ☾ I heard “magic forest adventures, giddy crushes, treasure hunts, and queer girls written by a queer girl” and I’m already excited.

A Lesson in Vengeance The River Has Teeth Like a Love Song

The Taking of Jake Livingston (7/13) ☾ I’m simultaneously terrified and intrigued by the cover, and though I’m only a few pages into this, it’s so eerie and I am sure I won’t be able to sleep after this.

The River Has Teeth (7/20) ☾ This is about magical sapphic witches and is supposed to be paranormal, and I cannot wait to read it.

She Who Became the Sun (7/20) ☾ I think this is the perfect time to mention this book because, after all, it made it to my five-star shelf. I’m so excited for you all to read it and scream about it (in pain) with me!


A Lesson in Vengeance How We Fall Apart Like a Love Song The Wild Ones The Endless Skies

A Lesson in Vengeance (8/3) ☾ this is a sapphic dark academia that “explores the thin line between obsession and madness” that Victoria Lee is blessing us with! it looks dark and I know I’m going to be utterly destroyed by it.

How We Fall Apart (8/3) ☾ I’m part of the Sinclair Students (Katie Zhao’s street team), and I definitely think you should keep an eye on this murder mystery set at an elite prep school in Manhattan with Asian Americans🔪 yes I am aware that this emoji is a kitchen knife but I could not find the dagger emoji asldkfjld

Like a Love Song (8/3) ☾ a bi Latina popstar who fake dates a British film star? AKA everything I could possibly want in a rom-com???

The Wild Ones (8/3) ☾ this cover is so pretty and I could not resist :’) it’s about queer girls, magic, and sisters, and I am very ready (to cry).

The Endless Skies (8/17) ☾ this is about a floating city with shapeshifting warriors and sounds so intriguing!


A Clash of Steel The Bones of Ruin The Bones of Ruin The Girls Are Never Gone The Jasmine Project

A Clash of Steel (9/7) ☾ everyone say thank you CB Lee for giving us this Treasure Island retelling with Chinese pirate sapphics!

The Bones of Ruin (9/7) ☾ an African tightrope walker who can’t die is pulled into a gladiatorial tournament set in 1880s London. this is also supposed to be very dark, and you all probably know I love anything dark!

The City Beautiful (9/7) ☾ if a Jewish queer historical gothic fantasy isn’t enough to hook you, read it for the cover (look at how gloriously creepy it looks!!).

The Girls Are Never Gone (9/7) ☾ another paranormal horror novel about ghosts that sounds so haunting, and I’ve already heard good things about this.

The Jasmine Project (9/7) ☾ this is about a Korean-American adoptee whose own family plays matchmaker and sets her up with possible dates . . . I am ready.

A Dark and Starless Forest It All Comes Back to You White Smoke Iron Widow Beasts of Prey

A Dark and Starless Forest (9/14) ☾ an urban fantasy about queer witches and a girl whose siblings start to go missing in the woods? please I need this.

It All Comes Back to You (9/14) ☾ a desi rom-com following two exes who are forcibly reunited for their siblings’ weddings is exactly what I need right now no joke

White Smoke (9/14) ☾ a modern haunted house story and a psychological thriller from none other than Tiffany D. Jackson (whose books I still haven’t read yet).

Iron Widow (9/21) ☾ I feel very lucky to have an eARC of this sci-fi with mechas with East Asian mythology and a poly romance :]

Beasts of Prey (9/28) ☾ this is the first book of a new series set in a Pan-African-inspired world with “monsters, myths, and #BlackGirlMagic” that sounds so exciting!!

Before We Disappear Dark Rise Light from Uncommon Stars Sisters of Shadow

Before We Disappear (9/28) ☾ this is a “queer historical fantasy set during the 1909 Seattle Alaska–Yukon–Pacific Exposition, where the two assistants of two ambitious magicians find themselves falling in love.” say less, please.

Dark Rise (9/14) ☾ this high fantasy about the young descendants of Dark and Light, forgotten magic, and old allegiances?? I’m so intrigued.

Light from Uncommon Stars (9/28) ☾ look, this has “cursed violins, Faustian bargains, and queer alien courtship over fresh-made donuts.” it was meant for me!

Sisters of Shadow (9/28) ☾ this is cottagecore meets sapphic witch fantasy, and I adore it already.


Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World The Heartbreak Bakery The Keeper of Night City of Shattered Light

Aristotle and Dante Dive into the Waters of the World (10/12) ☾ the second book that comes after Ari and Dante! I didn’t enjoy the first book all that much but this 550-page contemporary written in Ari’s point of view is too good to pass up not gonna lie

The Heartbreak Bakery (10/12) ☾ agender teen baker deals with heartbreak by baking brownies (that also break up anyone who eats them) must save their bakery… this genuinely sounds so cute and I can’t wait!

The Keeper of Night (10/12) ☾ a historical fantasy set in 1890s Japan with a British-Japanese heroine, soul collecting, and demons!! and that cover!!

City of Shattered Light (10/19) ☾ this is set in a world with 154-hour nights and features a sapphic romance between an heiress and an outlaw, I know I’m going to absolutely love it.


Briar Girls Girls of Fate and Fury Spin Me Right Round The Reckless Kind All of Us Villains OUr Violent Ends

Briar Girls (11/2) ☾ I am very excited for this Sleeping Beauty retelling with queer antiheroines, a mysterious forest, and a girl that is poisonous to the touch!

Girls of Fate and Fury (11/2) ☾ I am so in love with this series, and although book two wasn’t the best, I will be hoping this will restore its glory (and bring more pain).

Spin Me Right Round (11/2) ☾ oh? an ownvoices twist on Back to the Future??? I need it :’)

The Reckless Kind (11/2) ☾ an all queer and disabled cast? supportive friendships? animal rescue? yes please!!

All of Us Villains (11/9) ☾ “dark, magical Hunger Games-inspired tale” was all I needed to hear. oh my god this looks amazing

Within These Wicked Walls (11/9) ☾ this takes place in an Ethopian-inspired world and is a fantasy retelling of Jane Eyre and now I can’t wait to read it!

Our Violent Ends (11/16) ☾ apparently this is even more brutal* than the first book, but I think it’s safe to say that we all love pain oh yes we do

*if you got that reference, you get a cookie!!


If This Gets Out The Coldest Touch The Midnight Girls

If This Gets Out (12/7) ☾ a gay boy band rom-com I AM HERE FOR

The Coldest Touch (12/7) ☾ who can resist this f/f vampire murder mystery?? not me, that’s for sure.

The Midnight Girls (12/7) ☾ this genuinely offers everything I’d ever want in a book . . . sapphic enemies to lovers, Polish culture and history, and characters that sound so chaotic I would lay down my life for them already !!!

30 thoughts on “40 of My Most Anticipated Book Releases for the Second Half of 2021 (July-December)!

  1. LITERALLY ALL OF THESE ARE ON MY TBR AND ITS INSANE????? but also, I LOVE THIS POST!!! so i’ve only read city of shattered light and if this gets out from the list, BUT CITY OF SHATTERED LIGHT WAS AMAZING AND THE WRITING IS JUST GORGEOUS!!!!!!! if this gets out was pretty nice too but also not my favorite sophie gonzales book (ONLY MOSTLY DEVASTATED SHALL ALWAYS OCCUPY THAT PLACE) i hope you love all of these AND CANNOT WAIT FOR YOUR THOUGHTS!!


  2. Thank you SO MUCH for this list!! We have truly been blessed with so many amazingand interesting new releases this year! I can’t wait for Our Violent Ends! 🥰


  3. KATIE EHM…YES?!! This list is so amazing and I was already kinda really dying to read a lot of these, but I am now just wondering how I hadn’t heard of There’s magic between us??? It looks adorable!! Great list love, I can’t wait to hopefully scream about these books with you!!


  4. So many that I can’t wait to get to here, and some that I hadn’t heard of that sound great! I’m especially excited to get to Six Crimson Cranes and Our Violent Ends (just finished These Violet Delights and it was insane! Need more asap)


  5. I’ll personally admit that I’m not totally enamoured by a lot of the releases this year (my reading taste is going through quite a shift) but I am rather intrigued by Sisters of Shadow. That sounds exactly like my kind of book and certainly one I’ll be pre-ordering.


  6. omg katie! okay so i was listing down all the books you made me put on my tbr so i could say how excited i am for them in the comments, but then i just ended up listing your entire post :”) from the books i’ve read as ARCs that are in this list – i’ve loved them. i also LOVE how many BIPOC books are in this list omg! great post 💕💕


  7. Ahh thank you for this!! I really want to read Six crimson cranes (isn’t that cover gorgeous?) and the premise for iron widow sounds so cool! I haven’t read you should see me in a crown yet, but I’m more than excited for the author’s second book. I’ll stop now or else I’ll go on about every other title in this list😅


  8. oh my gosh katie i don’t know whether to thank you for putting so many wonderful books on my radar or making my tbr grow dramatically! 😅 i managed to get an arc for six crimson cranes and it’s my favourite Elizabeth Lim book so far! 🥰 really excited for how we fall apart and iron widow too, glad to hear you enjoyed the latter!!

    and omg i’m imagining the pain in our violent ends ahhh what is Chloe going to do to us now? 🥲 another release i’m looking forward to is jade, fire, gold in october! ☺️

    lovely post as always and thank you for this list, katie!! 💖


  9. I am very cautious around retellings- meaning tend to ignore them

    I actually never buy a book when it debuts- usually, when it goes to paperback (if I choose the physical copy)


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