A Little Catch Up

Hello! I am, in fact, back??

it’s not a lie that I was hoping to blog even more this summer because of so much free time… but unsurprisingly, I didn’t!! procrastination and my mind just love to get me off track (of my blogging schedule). but it’s been too long and I missed all of you! I hope you missed me more though <33

and in the last two months, Things have happened since I last posted, so I decided that this will be a little recap of everything that’s happened while I was gone!

I haven’t been reading please clap*

 I’ve been in such a huge reading slump and even more so since school has started! I haven’t finished a book in a few weeks besides for reading and then rereading Our Violent Ends (don’t forget to preorder it! it’s so worth it oh my god 1000/10 my favorite book) just to feel something :’)

* feel free to yell at me to go read right now (along with book recommendations please)!!!

absolutely NOTHING

however, I was hoping to take some time during the summer to reply to comments, draft some posts, do some blog hopping—and as you can see, I did none of that! I’m truly sorry for not interacting with you because I really do love talking with you all 💗 I’ll try my best from now on to do that.

and because of me not posting in June, I missed my own one-year blogiversary which I deeply regret!!  I can’t believe this blog has existed for almost a year and a half now (it’s already been so long?? I’m probably going to start writing up a short blogiversary post soon :)) HELp not me getting emotional I’m so thankful that I got to meet all of you and this wonderful bookish community <33

school has barely started and it already feels like summer was ages ago?? what is time?? the rest of my summer seem like it passed really quickly (I miss it so much). I went camping with my family a few times to some national parks, spent a lot of time at home, and started a hobby—crocheting! I used to crochet about a year ago and then stopped, but I’ve started to do it again. the weather was so warm back then, and it still is now, even though fall has started? and I should be bundled up in oversized sweaters and warm pants already. edit: the temperature has been dropping and now I am too cold hot weather come back

I am finally back to in-person school (derogatory,, kinda)! I forgot how hard it was after a year and a half of staying home and having school online. it’s hard. especially now since i’m in high school (and still feel like a freshman, not a sophomore). but I get to see my friends every day and make new ones, which is exciting! I’ve also been very busy because of school eating up all my time so my posting on here will be very spontaneous depending on how much free time I have and how motivated I am to blog :’)

I’m sorry this post is so short (I’m an underwriter okay)! I hope to post again soon hope you’re doing well!! 💕💕

how have you been?? catch me up on everything that’s happened & link me your new blog posts! I’ve missed you all <33

11 thoughts on “A Little Catch Up

  1. welcome back!! I hope you’re doing okay and school isn’t too stressful ❤ don't worry about the reading slump, I'm sure it'll pass with time! maybe you could try some audiobooks while you crochet?

    wishing you the best 💛💛


  2. Happy one year

    What I’ve been happy too- when it comes to summer, more like Florida in June

    August- that was Vincent Van Gogh Immersive Experience (so mesmerizing)

    September- Parish Retreat and Wicked

    On top of that, hired at Bitty and Beau’s——July and Grand opening was October 9th


  3. Aaaah you’re back! And of COURSE I missed you!
    oh my gosh I am SO excited and super nervous for our violent ends Im glad you enjoyed it but aaah.
    Ugh honestly same about school. It’s a lot harder in person and I forgot that because I feel like I kinda cruised through last year and now everything is five times as hard. Good luck about that!!!


  4. happy one year ❤ it’s totally okay if you don’t feel like blogging. take it from someone who literally only posts when I’m in the right mood – it’s super stressful to keep up with a schedule and stuff, especially when school is involved so don’t force yourself into it bestie 🙂 also omg our violent ends was so so good !!


  5. Never apologize for not reading or bloggin enough. These things just happen and if it’s not something you feel like doing at the moment then don’t do it! 🙂
    You can always start with some graphic novels if you wanna get into it slow. Or reread one of your absolute favourites.
    School is stressful! Especially when you are not used to it anymore. Don’t worry. Everything is gonna right itself again.
    Also, congrats to your blog anniversary! Yay!


  6. this is me in a nutshell….i’ve not really read anything and the last time i posted was….july?? i actually don’t know when, haha

    it’s good to see you again! i have faith that you’ll get out of the blog-slump (is that a term??) and you’ll soon have more books to yell about : )

    and congrats on the blogging anniversary!!


  7. Congratulations on your belated blogging anniversary! I know it can tough to keep a writing routine.. believe me, I’m struggling with the same thing at the moment! Just easing back into it and going with the ebb and flow x


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