The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag // I Hate Disappointing Books, Obviously

There are so many disappointing books out there, so what better choice than to do this tag?

I personally think I have a lot of unpopular opinions, after trying to read so many hyped books and then realizing I barely liked any of them. So today I’m going to be confessing many unpopular opinions I’ve had but don’t feel sorry about!

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a popular book or series you didn’t like

hunger games red queen


I have had too many experiences reading hyped books and then being disappointed in them that I’ll probably stop reading popular books altogether.

But one series I absolutely hated was The Hunger Games. I’d heard so many people loving it, so I decided to try it, but my god. It was just so bad. I quit on book two after I couldn’t handle more of Katniss.

I also tried to start Red Queen, but I really just could not get into it. I’d heard good things about it from many of my friends, but let me down (sad but unsurprising).

a popular book or series everyone hates but you love

the selection shatter me

The last time I read both The Selection and Shatter Me was about four years ago, and remember enjoying them, but I know if I reread them now, I’d hate them. It was during my dystopian-obsessed phase okay!! (Please, don’t ask.)

I feel like I got into The Selection because the (pretty!) cover caught my eye. I deeply regret it. But to be fair, it was one of the first YA series I read and was very inexperienced in the genre. For Shatter Me, I honestly don’t even know how I heard about it. It might have been one of those times where I was just aimlessly browsing library shelves looking for something interesting to read?? Either way, I never finished the series.

an otp you did not like

the selection

The main couple in Stalking Jack the Ripper. I can’t even remember their names,* but it was love at first sight (which I hate with a burning passion), and their whole relationship/romance was kind of pointless and ruined the book for me. The girl has a severe case of being not like other girls and I automatically disliked her, and the boy was just… annoying.

*Edit: it’s Audrey and Thomas.

a popular book genre that you hardly reach for

Horror is somewhat popular, but I rarely read books from that genre, it has to really pique my interest for me to pick one up. I also almost never read thrillers or mysteries, it’s just not for me!! My experience in these genres are very limited, and I don’t know if I’ll ever work up the courage to read these more often than I already have :’)

a popular author you cannot get into

the selection shatter me

For this, I would have to go with John Green, Maggie Stiefvater, and Cassandra Clare. They’re all (somehow) popular authors, and I’m not really interested in reading any of their books. I didn’t enjoy The Fault in Our Stars, DNF’ed The Raven Boys, and there are far too many books and series Cassie Clare has written and I’m very intimidated.

what are some of your unpopular opinions? what is a popular book genre you hardly read?? your most hateable OTP (I’m curious)???

25 thoughts on “The Unpopular Opinion Book Tag // I Hate Disappointing Books, Obviously

  1. omg i loved the selection when i read it (ditto on the dystopian phase in high school, by the way), but i’m sure i wouldn’t really like it now 😭 as for a genre i dont often read, i guess it would now be contemporary romance? i prefer my romance to be a subplot in an otherwise different-genre’d novel (if that makes sense!)

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  2. OMG THATS ME FOR THE SELECTION AND SHATTER ME I SWEAR. if i read those two books now id probably hate them😭 (or maybe id still love them😂) and ofc a popular book everyone loved but i hated is Crooked Kingdom😌 love this post katie!!💜

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  3. This tag seems super fun to do! An unpopular opinion: I think the first trilogy of the Grishaverse is completely overrated. There is not really a genre I do not read as I like to explore. As for the pairing, I am not sure I have one that others hate 🤔.

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  4. I enjoyed the Selection series also back when I was new to the YA world! I wonder if I ever decided to reread if my opinions would change…

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  5. omg katie! john green and i just don’t mix :’) i tried reading the fault in our stars a few years ago, but i honestly didn’t get the hype lmao, and i think the only one of his books i’ve actually liked is turtles all the way down – but that was also a while ago, so i’m curious to see what i feel about it now! i also just didn’t like the hunger games lmao. i’m also a chicken and cannot read horror so i feel you haha! love this post 💖

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  6. When I was in my “let’s read all the super hyped authors” phase, I couldn’t get into John Green or Maggie Stiefvater’s books either. I managed to read a few but they were always mediocre.
    I also stay far away from The Hunger Games. I was into YA dystopia at the time it was massively popular and talked about but something about that trilogy just put me off and I’ve never felt inclined to read it since.

    One of my unpopular and incredibly controversial opinions is that I quite liked Allegiant as an ending to Divergent. I can understand why people were incredibly angry with it but to me I could see where it was going and the message it was portraying about the factions and everything behind them, which I appreciated.

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  7. you can’t get into john green??? ahhhh *cries*😭😭😭 and i agree with what you wrote about horror~ sometimes the books just get a bit too horror-ey for me to read them😭😭

    also you have a super cute blog!! i love the theme

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  8. katie!! ah i can definitely agree i loved a lot of books during my dystopian phase which i would probably steer away from now hehe, but my heart still remains loyal to the hunger games, i’m sorry you didn’t enjoy that one! ooh i’ve been hesitating reading the fault in our stars, the hype seems too immense eeks!

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  9. Loved this post! I couldn’t get into The Raven Boys either, the plot had potential, but the book was such a drag! And who isn’t intimidated by the Shadowhunter books hahaa. They’re so many!!

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  10. nice post! i’m also totally not a fan of John Green or any of the books i’ve read by him,,,really did not understand the hype about The Fault in our Stars lol. & i read The Selection series when i was in middle school so i really liked it back then but idk how i’d feel about it now 😂

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  11. Good post!
    OMG, I do NOT like the hunger games either. I have some sort of PROBLEM with popular books, no clue what it is. It might be that I just sorta get bored of the book even before I read it, what with everyone always fangirling over it. Also, for The Hunger Games, I got WAY too many spoilers from 2 friends who were really into it for a while… I sometimes wonder if I’d like popular books if they weren’t popular.

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