5 Contemporaries to Read This Spring // Mini Reviews & It’s Finally Spring?!!

it is indeed finally spring!!!*

after three months that have felt like forever, we’re finally one-fourth through the year and it’s a new season. so far i’ve read (too many) contemporaries, which i do not regret at all whatsoever!!

while spring isn’t my favorite season, i always associate it with light and fluffy contemporaries, some of which i’ll be recommending! they’re all perfect to read for any time of the year, but i think they’d be especially fun in the springtime.**

(and please ignore my lack of capitalization; i’m running low on brain cells.)

*technically, spring started more than a week ago, but it’s better late than never!

**and please ignore the sheer amount of times i said ‘cute.’

the boy who steals houses

there’s no better book to start off this post than this one. the boy who steals houses is one of those few books that hurts you, heals you, then makes a home in you, all while being beautifully written and emotional the whole time.

it features found family, ownvoices autism and anxiety rep, and pancakes!! what more could i ask for in a book? i fell so deeply in love with all of the characters, and the banter is A++. this is definitely a book that should be read in the spring to experience maximum coziness.

representation ☾ MC with anxiety, autistic SC, bisexual SC

content warnings ☾ homelessness, violence, ableism, child abuse mention of cancer, death of a loved one [off-page]

the mirror season

the mirror season follows ciela and lock, who both carry the weight of the same secret–they were victims of sexual assault at the same party. since that night, she loses her bisabuela’s gift–the ability to know exactly what type of pan dulce someone needs, and the world around her slowly turns to shattered mirrors. if this isn’t the most beautiful premise ever, what is??

this is a book that i read recently, and i already know it’s going to be one of my favorites of the year. mclemore’s books always manage to exceed my expectations, not only by how magically they’re written, but the raw concept of the story as well, and this one was no exception.

representation ☾ pansexual MC, latinx characters

content warnings ☾ sexual assault, PTSD, homophobia, bullying


this is truly one of my favorite graphic novels! though i wouldn’t exactly call it a fluffy story, it still contains so much serotonin and it’s just,, so amazing!! as cute as it is, heartstopper deals with many heavy topics (see CW’s below) while still keeping the atmosphere as light as possible.

i found this on webtoon a few months ago, and binged all of the current episodes (at the time) in a morning. it’s so utterly addicting, and i’ll admit, nick and charlie are one of my all-time favorite couples 🥺💕

representation ☾ gay MC, bisexual MC, lesbian SCs, trans SC

content warnings ☾ emotionally abusive relationship, references to homophobia, homophobic slurs, references to past bullying

made in korea

this isn’t actually out yet, but i had to include this!! it’s a story about two k-beauty small business owners at a high school who compete against each other and includes a rivals-to-lovers romance (!!!).

made in korea was really one of the funniest and cutest books i’ve ever read, containing well-written relationships and capturing aspects of a korean family that i related to immensely, so be sure to look out for it when it releases in may!

representation ☾ Korean-American cast, biracial SC


from what i remember, this was one of the books that first got me into reading ya, and i will be forever grateful for it. geekerella is a modern-day retelling of cinderella with a fangirl/fandom twist, and it’s still one of the only books i reread!

the strong point of this book by far is its characters, all of whom i fell in love with (they were so cute!). it also full of so much happiness, and i genuinely screamed at how adorable it was.

representation ☾ biracial MC, lesbian SC, queer SC

content warnings ☾ abuse (physical and emotional), references to past bullying, sexual harassment

what are some books you’d recommend to read in the spring? what are some of the cutest contemporaries you’ve ever read?? & happy spring!! 🌷

39 thoughts on “5 Contemporaries to Read This Spring // Mini Reviews & It’s Finally Spring?!!

  1. Great recommendation post, I feel like cute contemporaries are perfect for spring as well! 🥰 I love the Hearstopper volumes and Geekerella as they always make me so happy! I haven’t yet read The Boy Who Steals Houses but I would love to 🙂


  2. KATIE!! heartstopper gives me SO much serotonin and nick and charlie own my entire heart 🥺 geekerella is also the absolute sweetest + made in korea’s been on my tbr ever since i got declined for ARCs on both netgalley AND edelweiss so i can’t wait till that’s out too!! lovely post 💓

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I already wanted to read so many of these books and now I’m even more excited about them! Especially the boy who steals houses, I had no idea it had the found family trope which I love.
    This was such a great post 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The boy who steals houses is ❤❤❤❤ I fell in love with it the moment I read it. I love Moxie’s family and Sam and Avery so much!!! It’s such a lovely book.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Katie this is a lovely post! I 100% agree with Geekerella, it truly was one of those that got me into YA contemporaries too, the characters are just 🥺💖… thank you so much for the recs, I’ll be checking out The Mirror Season, it sounds like such an empowering read! Great post as always!! 💙

    Liked by 1 person

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