Blog Tour Review: Every Single Lie by Rachel Vincent // A Chilling Mystery With So Many Plot Twists (!!!)

I usually don’t read mysteries.

I rarely enjoy mysteries and thrillers because I just,,, don’t like the genre?? I am also scared of them (yes I am a scaredy-cat). But I’m glad I gave this one a chance because I loved it more than I thought I would!

Today, I’m excited to talk about and review Every Single Lie, one of my most anticipated reads of this month. Though it was not what I was expecting, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

every single lie

Rachel Vincent // January 21, 2021

my rating – ★★★☆☆ [3.5]

In this gripping YA novel about social media bullying and half-truths, one girl’s discovery of a dead baby in her high school locker room rocks an entire community.

Nobody in Beckett’s life seems to be telling the whole story. Her boyfriend Jake keeps hiding texts and might be cheating on her. Her father lied about losing his job before his shocking death. And everyone in school seems to be whispering about her and her family behind her back.

But none of that compares to the day Beckett finds the body of a newborn baby in a gym bag-Jake’s gym bag -on the floor of her high school locker room. As word leaks out, rumors that Beckett’s the mother take off like wildfire in a town all too ready to believe the worst of her. And as the police investigation unfolds, she discovers that everyone has a secret to hide and the truth could alter everything she thought she knew.

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Thank you to Bloomsbury YA and Terminal Tours for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a spot on this blog tour! This did not affect my opinions in any way.

From the moment I read the first word of Every Single Lie, I was hooked, and it did not let me go. There were so many lies to uncover, thoughts to question, and heartbreaks to endure.

I was so invested in this mystery, and in Beckett’s growth. In the beginning, she came off as immature and flat to me, but as I kept reading, as she questions whom to trust and learns how much damage little rumors cause once they become big, I actually began to enjoy reading the story through her perspective.

Vincent created a labyrinth of twists and turns that I was utterly lost in. I was constantly trying to guess at all the possible plot twists, and although some were predictable, there were so many and I was shocked by at least one.

However, there were some parts that stayed in my mind, and for not necessarily positive reasons. Thinking over these particular scenes made me feel sick; I’d advise you to read this book when you’re in a good place.

This was truly such an immersive read, brimming with secrets and rumors. I would definitely recommend this for the well-written storyline, a plot that unravels deliciously, and shocking end to it all.


Rachel Vincent is the New York Times bestselling author of several pulse-pounding series for teens and adults. A former English teacher and a champion of the serial comma, Rachel has written more than twenty novels and remains convinced that writing about the things that scare her is the cheapest form of therapy. Rachel shares her home in Oklahoma with two cats, two teenagers, and her husband, who’s been her number one fan from the start.

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are you excited to read Every Single Lie? what are your favorite mysteries or thrillers??

22 thoughts on “Blog Tour Review: Every Single Lie by Rachel Vincent // A Chilling Mystery With So Many Plot Twists (!!!)

  1. Great review!! I generally don’t read murder mystery either so I’m glad to know I have a kindred spirit 😉. Recently I read A Good Girls Guide To Murder, though, and I really liked it!

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