Heart Sister by Michael F. Stewart – ARC Review

“The power in the view from the mountaintop is from the climb.”

     Heart Sister is an emotionally raw but hopeful story. It discovers powerful messages of the impact of healing through love, to be grateful for life, and that there is always light although everything seems dark. 

     This is the story of Emmit Highland, who recently lost his twin sister, Minnie, to a car accident. He is devastated by her death, but he and his family receive news that Minnie had signed up to be an organ donor. Emmitt decides that the best way to help his parents heal and make Minnie whole once more is to track down every one of the organ recipients and create a film that captures the spirit of his sister.

     Emmitt has a strong passion for film and virtual reality, and wants to honor his sister one last time. He has a fierce loyalty to his family and will not give up until he is successful. Emmitt’s idea to make a film of Minnie’s organ recipients demonstrates his willingness to bring people together to tell a story. 

     Although Minnie was already gone when the book started, she was brought to life through Emmitt’s film. She had depth and a unique outlook on life, so much that she was full of it, and breathed life into others, through taxidermy and by donating her body to others. Minnie was an amazing person, and her spirit had a major impact on the story.

     The secondary characters were also so multi-dimensional, deeply-layered, and had complex personalities. It made it feel like I knew them inside and out. I loved how each person had their own unique story to tell, and how they conveyed it in their own way. Emmitt’s film was deeply important to them and was a tribute to life.

     This book was a beautifully written story of grief and loss. It had the perfect combination of dark and light, and was full of life. The characters were well-developed and relatable, and I loved watching them learn and grow. Heart Sister is an intricately woven story that will resonate with you long after you read the last words.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing an eARC of Heart Sister in exchange for an honest review.

Rating – 5 stars

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Expected On – August 4, 2020


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Genres – Contemporary Fiction

Publisher – Orca Book Publishers

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